Tortuga Gallery

The building housing the Tortuga Gallery has quite a history. Built in the 1880s, it has been everything from a cabinet shop and Laundromat to a food distribution center and a YMCA. Constructed during the time of the Albuquerque railroad for use as a general store, the historic building has now become the home of the Tortuga Gallery- a space for community, art, and performance.

“Tortuga provides space for community gatherings, music, poetry and art,” says Jill Logan and Pax Garcia, owners of the Gallery. “Although we call ourselves an art gallery, we invite many other groups to participate and use the space.”

The space has played host to non-profit groups, new artists, musicians, and private parties. They offer a non-alcohol venue, which allows for a wider range of parties to make use of the space on their own terms.

The space is unique in that it can host a smattering of media formats. Everything has been shown within the walls, from paintings, sculptures, photography, fiber arts, multi-media, and live art — just to name a few. “Artists that show here range from new and emerging to well established,” states Logan. “The music events here have a wide range including jazz, Celtic, rhythm & blues, experimental, Native American, and international touring groups.”

Logan and Garcia opened the Gallery with one starting goal in mind: to hold an art show each month in addition to hosting events that would invite people to experience and view the art up close and personally. So far, they seem to have accomplished just that, with a brimming calendar of events ranging from music shows to game nights, all surrounded by the art of the month. Live art, where you can see the artist create their pieces, is another fun event that seems to be making headlines on Tortuga’s schedules.

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